Sunday, 2 September 2007

Making a Mould

In the previous post I was talking about the long feature film Panique au Village - Le Long. Because I worked there, I was able to see how everything is done. I could also just ask them how they do things and why they do it that way. After those weeks I got the idea of trying to make a mould myself. I wanted to try a male Barbiedoll's head. Because you can squeeze these heads, it is not an easy job to start drilling holes for the eyes or to resculpt the heads. If I could make a resin head out of it, this would be an easier job.
I went to Vosschemie in Lier and bought a can of one component liquid sillicone. It turned out to be a little bit more expensive than I thought, so I didn't bought the resin yet.
Now for the mould making itself. It was a real challenge to make the hair of the doll's original head in one piece. I used glue mixed with water to create a solid shape that would keep the original texture of the hair.
When I added the sillicone I was a bit affraid, because of the air bubbles that kept coming to the surface. But in the end, the shape of the mall turned out to be very smooth. Only for the hair part, I had to cut away some of the excessive sillicone. At the moment I don't know wether the mould really works or not. I'm probably going to test it with plaster first.

Panique au Village

The first three weeks of July I have been working on the long feature film of Panique au Village. It started from a television serie, created by Vincent Patar and St├ęphane Aubier.
In those three weeks I had to make parts of a couple of trucks, I had to 'repair' a bit of the original scenery (used for the series), and paint some of the characters to be used in the film. I'm glad I took part in this production for a few weeks, I have learned a couple of important and useful things.
The film itself is coming out in 2009.

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My First Paradise

Hmm, it has been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, last schoolyear, we were asked to make a short stop motion film. We decided to make one single film with the entire class. This way, our little project could be a bit bigger. The sound is still missing and the cleaning-up still has to be done. As soon as the final version is finished, I'll put it here:)