Saturday, 24 August 2013

Groove statue

Here he is again! Besides the three commercials, the shop owners had the idea to have a statue to put in their store. To create this I have made three molds. A two-piece silicone mold for the character, a one-piece latex mold with a plaster mother mold for the guitar and the same kind for the statues base. As you can see the color is different than the original model. This I did to match the store's logo color.

Because I wanted to be able to animate the pupils on the original puppet after the mold making, I didn't glue them on. Instead I added some latex eyes onto the cast model.
 Because the original puppet was made out of Plasticine, I used a softer kind (Play Doh, yes, the kid's toy) which doesn't stick to the puppet that easily.
 The first part finished. As you can see the surface of the mold is rough on several spots. This is because this kind of plasticine is more difficult to smooth out.

 The guitar mold. I removed the head of the guitar, because it is in angle onto the neck. This would otherwise require a two-piece mold. The iron strings were added later.