Monday, 8 June 2015

Motion control... working!

Hi! I started working on my motion control project again!
In May 2011 an article about a DIY motion control caught my attention. I was especially interested to try it with the Dragonframe software. I followed the idea of Martin Koch but replaced the wire with a steel threaded rod and two nuts, to make it more suitable and reliable for stop motion animation.
Because I was working on other things as well I only started ordering the materials in 2013. After assembling everything, the rail movement worked when testing a few scripts, but I couldn't control it with Dragonframe.
 Now, after two years (and again, working on other things), I decided to give the prototype another go. And for some reason it works! I uploaded the provided script (without the kill switch line in the code) and the Arduino Uno connects and works perfectly with Dragonframe :)

I made a little video to show you the MC in action!
I'll do some more tests later to find out how well it can return to it's original position and such.

Motion Control - First test from Maarten Van Rooy on Vimeo.