Saturday, 28 August 2010

Les P'tites Poules

For the last five months I have been working on the CG animated children's series Les P'tites Poules (Eng: Little Chicks). The series is based on the children's books by Christian Heinrich and Christian Jolibois.
The animation is done in Angouleme, France and in Brussels. At the moment we're animating the final episode.
The episodes are aired on France 5 every Saturday and Sunday around 9.30 AM (GMT+1) in the Ludo program.


Edwin said...

Looks cool, too bad it's not going to be aired in Belgium... Who knows eventually. What is the name of the studio in Brussels?

Maarten said...

That's right I forgot to tell, it's Sinematik!

Ems said...

allé zeg nog altijd niks nieuws? :)

jriggity said...

Very cool man...Ill check on you tube for clips.